De video Space belichaamt veel gevoel. Een eenzaamheid, proberen te ontsnappen uit een zinkend schip. Verdwaald in gedachtes, op zoek naar iets dat langzaam verdwenen is. Een korte video passend in de tijd.

Space is a video that can hold lots of meanings. It is about loneliness, trying escape out of a downwards spiral. Lost in your own mind, step after step looking for a way back to where everything was normal. A short film that film that shows a feeling, absolute for this time.

Maartje I Jansen SPACE

'do you need it
more or less
it started as a rest
one your body longed for more every day

until one
the one where you did
sink deeper and deeper into the floor. 
until that floor was no more.
that was longer than ever before

one with the ground
same as the ceiling
above the cloud

in your closed mind
you see a reflection
now is a shimmer of what was
where it probably always was
will be
but never seems like it is
just that
strangled in your own
knowing where
searching for how

consumed by the self'